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Courtney Joyner is the Owner and Creative Genius behind Brush Strokes Pottery in the Austin, TX. She began her career in the corporate world, but soon realized it wasn't her true passion. Longing for something more fulfilling, she took a leap of faith and pursued a career in ceramic art, despite having no formal training. It's been a journey of self-discovery and perseverance, filled with highs, lows, and countless learning experiences.

Now, as the host of The Creative Chronicles, she's excited to shine a spotlight on other makers and their incredible stories. From exploring different art forms to uncovering the motivations behind their work, each episode will be a celebration of creativity and resilience.

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  • Yarned and Dangerous - The Brochet Adventure:

    Steven's background in sketch comedy writing and new passion for crochet and wooly weaponry duels on social media is inspiring so many people to pick up some yarn and try their hand at fiber arts.

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  • The Art of Fine Art Ornaments with Kitty Keller:

    Kitty Keller, a fine artistian, began her career over 38 years ago with painted t-shirts. Today, she serves clients worldwide with exceptionally curated, hand-crafted glass, ceramic, and cloisonné ornaments.  

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  • From Doodles to Dough with Hayley Cakes:

    In this episode, we're diving into the artistic side of the food industry with Hayley Evans of Hayley Cakes and Cookies.  Listen to hear how she turned cookie decorating out of her college apartment into a viral sensation.

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