The Creative Chronicles Podcast: Hayley Cakes & Cookies

From Doodles to Dough: Hayley Cakes Sweet Success

We're diving into the artistic side of the food industry with a guest who has turned cookie decorating into a viral sensation. I mean who hasn't paused while scrolling on social media to watch an intricate cookie decorating video?  It's a true art form, and Hayley Evans of Hayley Cakes and Cookies has mastered it. Her childhood love for doodling and baking, inspired by her mom, led her to start a side hustle decorating cookies at age 19 in her college apartment which quickly blossomed into a a thriving business with 4 locations and national recognition. Join us as Hayley shares her journey and the challenges she's faced as she expands her growing business.

This episode truly was so special. Hayley was our first in-studio guest so we definitely had a lot of fun laughing, chatting business and dealing with a few dog interruptions. 



  • Taking risks and offering something unique sets you apart from others.
  • Managing people and creating a positive work environment is crucial.
  • Imposter syndrome is common, but it's important to recognize your own value.
  • Finding inspiration in nature can fuel creativity.
  • Taking time for yourself and enjoying the process is important.
  • Adapting to trends and staying current is important in the social media landscape. 



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