Creative Chronicles Podcast with Kitty Keller Designs

 A Journey from Hand-Painted T-Shirts to Global Artistry with Kitty Keller Designs

Kitty Keller is a fine artist who began her career over 38 years ago with painted t-shirts and today, serves clients worldwide with exceptionally curated, hand-crafted glass, ceramic, and cloisonné ornaments.  Each ornament is meticulously hand painted and finished in 24 karat gold accents by skilled artisans. Making them true collectible pieces of art. She has designed works of art for the National Parks, Universities, countless organizations and sells in boutiques and stores all around the world. In this episode she emphasizes the importance of being fearless, not being daunted by detractors, and always seeking the next thing. Her years of wisdom and insight on design, mindset and manufacturing is priceless. Plus it was a true blessing to find out that she actually knew my Mom years ago as they began their art journeys in tandem paths. It was absolutely an honor to chat with her. 
• Be fearless and don't be daunted by detractors.
• Understand your customer base and create products that they want.
• Utilize technology to reach a wider audience.
• Always be willing to adapt and change.
• Never be afraid to ask for opportunities.

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