What I learned from Joanna Gaines & My Creative Idols

What I learned from Joanna Gaines & My Creative Idols

Cruising into Spring on a serious mission. A mission to take my business to the next level!

All because of a conference called Alt Summit. After years of watching from the sidelines, I decided to jump in full force and attend this year. And it was AMAZING. ✨ I stood face to face with some of my biggest idols in the creative/craft world and not only had a conversation with them but also learned so much valuable information that my head is still spinning. Oh and did I mention the key note speaker...Joanna Gaines #fangirl

So why was it so amazing? What did I learn? Well, let me tell you my biggest takeaway. 



Seems pretty basic right? Eh, not so much. In a world full of countless content at our fingertips we tend to loose sight of the basic principles of creating. So this simple reminder was the theme that almost every speaker and presenter drove home and was exactly what we needed. They urged us to not try to replicate another personality we admired because it will always come off inauthentic. Instead they preached - 'your tribe is behind you because they love what you do not you trying to imitate someone else.' And the master of of masters, Mrs. Joanna Gaines, said it best...

Joanna Gaines speaking at Alt Summit

"When you get down to the core of who you're created to be and who you really are,  it should be very different than what you are seeing out there. And in that vulnerability people sense authenticity and with authenticity people are inspired to be that themselves. So I encourage you...don't look to your left and your right. Celebrate what everyone's doing around you but always make sure you stay in line with who you were created to be. And make yourself vulnerable and put yourself out there. Don't become a scroll (doing what everyone else is doing). Because if you want people to stop and stay a while...be YOU and be authentic and they're going to stop and stay!" - Joanna Gaines

Waco TX ceramic ornament

Thanks Joanna!

So if you are a person who's full of glitter and sequins...Shine on with your bad self.
If you love bright colors...Make the world unapologetically colorful! 
If you're the quiet and reserved kind behind the camera creating masterpieces...Stay the shy one.


But be brave in your quest to conquer your dreams. Because if you never try, you will not ever know if your dream could be a reality. So give it a shot!

Only you get to decide what you want to be in this world. Just make a conscious choice. - Cindy Siegel  

California ceramic ornament

As for me? I'm spreading my wings and stepping into some brave new territory this year and I couldn't be more excited. Watch out world. Here I come with a whole lots of new dreams and a passion to make them happen!



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