5 Playlists to Inspire Creativity

5 Playlists to Inspire Creativity

Have you ever noticed that both your mood and productivity levels actually change when you’re listening to music? Well, it’s not just you – it’s science!

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According to Jill Suttie from Workplace, music has been shown to “improve cognition,” “enhance learning and memory,” and “promote divergent thinking.” Suttie explores this idea by analyzing a recent study in which participants were instructed to try creative exercises while either listening to silence or music that evoked one of four feelings: happy, calm, sad or anxious.

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The results showed that the people who were exposed to happy music “came up with more total ideas, and more creative and innovative ideas (as rated by people who were unfamiliar with the study’s aim).”

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Conclusion: If you’re having trouble getting your creative juices flowing, try cranking up some of your favorite tunes to help inspire you. 
Looking to broaden your musical horizons? Check out one of our BSP playlists!
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We've got you covered. Anything from mellow background tunes...

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...to dance-y pump up jams.

Choose whatever you're in the mood for. Be sure to let us know how you feel inspired after listening.

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Author - Sarah Dunn
Sarah is a freelance writer and contributor to Brush Strokes Pottery. She is studying Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at the University of Texas with hopes of working as a medical speech pathologist in a hospital setting in the future. 
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