Paint Color Palettes - Ceramic Glazed To Go

Brush Strokes Pottery

Once you have selected your Pottery items, choose your colors. 

We've made it easy for you to choose a palette of colors already pulled together. Each color comes in a 2oz to go container (with lid). For larger items or complete coverage, you may need more than 1 containter. Contact us if you have questions. 

If you wish to add a color not in a certain palette, choose from our a la carte color menu - click here.

All pricing includes paint + glazing and firing costs. No extra hidden fees. 


Paint Tips:

Remember - One coat provides transparent coverage, two coats gives a semi-opaque coverage, and three coats give solid coverage.

**Keep in mind that the color represented in this photo is the color after firing. The paint you recieve will look lighter before firing.


Austin, TX local drop off only!

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