DIY for Dad - Father's Day Coaster Kit

Brush Strokes Pottery

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. Kits will ship first week of June & arrive in time to create and gift for Father's Day.

DIY for Dad or Grandpa this Father's Day with our brand new coloring coaster kit! Each kit comes with4 ceramic coasters to decorate and display. Add on your color choice and simply paint and enjoy. No baking or extra steps needed. 

Our one-of-a-kind designs are pre printed on each coaster making it easy to color inside or outside the lines. Each coaster also includes 4 self adhesive cork pads to provide an additional cushion for desks or tables. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose your design set and add to cart (a la carte option also available here).
  2. Select your color choice - choose from markers, bright paint or neon palettes. (each paint set includes 2 brushes) - add to cart.
  3. Color or paint your coaster designs once they arrive.



Add on markers, paint or both to each coaster set. You can also use any supplies you have at home. A few housekeeping tips when making your selection...

Washable Markers - great for little ones (under 6). Very little mess and washes of hands. Not the best option for drink use that sweats. Color will bleed with too much moisture.

Acrylic Paints - provide nice bold color. Will wash off hands but could stain clothing so use care when creating. Designs will not bleed with wet drinks. 


    Coaster Kits are FUN for the whole family. Not limited to little ones. These designs have been tested and proven to be a big hit among all ages! Use as a coaster or keep as a tile to decorate any home office. Dad or Grandpa will cherish the homemade art git.


    Choose from our 5 different Design sets:

    • GREATEST DAD - includes World Greatest Dad, I love my Dad, Best Dad Ever, This guy is awesome designs.
    • MY DAD ROCKS - includes I "heart" You, #1 Dad, World's Best Dad w/ Earth, My Dad Rocks designs.
    • SPORTS DAD - includes Golf, Baseball, Football and Basketball designs. 
    • OUTDOOR DAD - includes Grilling, Hunting, Fishing and Camping designs.
    • GRANDPA SET - includes I "heart" You, #1 Grandpa, World's Best Grandpa w/Earth, My Grandpa Rocks designs.



    Copyright Brush Strokes Pottery,  2020: All images, designs, and text are copyrighted and cannot be copied, altered, or resold. For personal use only in studio or at home. Not for commercial use.


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