DIY Paint Your Own Pottery Kits - Family Plaque

Brush Strokes Pottery

New Family paint your own pottery plaque.

Available as a To Go Kits to help combat that Summer stir crazy. Great activity to keep kids and adults creative at home.

Each kit includes everything you’ll need to paint a ceramic plaque.

-1 ceramic family plaque
-8 acrylic paint colors (in separate paint pots)
-1 paint brush
-small cup to rinse brushes
-paper plate to mix paint (if needed)

Bonus Glitter paint & finish gloss are included to add that extra sparkle & shine to your projects!

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Tips & Tricks for Best Results (PLEASE READ!):

-Best for kids ages 5 and up.

-Acrylic paint may be permanent once it dries. Wear a smock or old t-shirt to paint.

-Wet wipes are a great tool for cleaning paint off clothes (if used immediately) or tiny hands.

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