DIY Paint Your Own Pottery To Go Kits - Rainbow Bank

Brush Strokes Pottery

Paint your own Rainbow piggy bank. Brush Strokes is now offering DIY Pottery to go Kits to bring the creativity to you.

To Go Kits are the perfect solution to combat that Spring Break stir crazy. Great activities for kids to keep busy while stuck inside on rainy days, snow days, coronavirus or school cancellations. 

DIY Kits include everything you need:

  • 1 ceramic rainbow bank (inside pre-glazed)
  • 1 paint palette of acrylic colors (shown) + black and white
  • gloss paint sealer (for shine)
  • 2 paint brushes
  • paper plate for paint mixing 
  • water cup
  • napkin
  • instructions
  • BONUS clear glitter paint

***NOTE - this is acrylic paint. No glazing or firing is needed. Use caution when painting as paint could stain clothing. I recommend a smock or old t-shirt for little kids. 

Gloss glaze is included. Items will not appear glazed and shiny unless this top coat is applied. If you would prefer a spray glaze (for larger items), I recommend Aleene's or Triple Thick available to purchase online at Amazon or from most hobby stores. 


Tips & Tricks for Best Results (PLEASE READ!):

-Best for kids ages 5 and up.

-Acrylic paint may be permanent once it dries. Wear a smock or old t-shirt to paint.

-Wet wipes are a great tool for cleaning paint off clothes (if used immediately) or tiny hands.

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